2020 McLaren Senna GTR

2020 McLaren Senna GTR Review

The 2020 McLaren Senna GTR is an upcoming, track-only variation of the extreme Senna supercar. Called after famed F1 driver Ayrton Senna, the supercar will certainly also pay tribute to the legendary F1 GTR in race-spec trim. Previewed by the Senna GTR Concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the track-bound supercar will certainly show up in manufacturing form in 2019.


McLaren is already evaluating the Senna GTR, and our paparazzi found the car a couple of times on the track. The supercar is still concealed though, and it appears that it’s still missing vital parts from its aerodynamic bundle. But the British company introduced a few details about the track-only car, and we will certainly review them in the speculative review below.

Exterior Design

Having currently seen the concept car, it’s easy to assume that the production version will certainly look nearly the very same. But while the Geneva concept looked ready to go into production and McLaren did a similar method with the P1 GTR, we may see a few significant changes when the supercar arrives in 2019.

2020 McLaren Senna GTR

Besides the vents contributed to the front fenders and some changes to the side skirts, I’m discovering it truly difficult to locate distinctions. This doesn’t indicate that the GTR will certainly look a great deal like the routine supercar though. However it likewise does not always imply that McLaren will certainly make huge changes to the prototype till it enters manufacturing.

While the GTR concept looks really great with its huge splitter, lengthy diffuser, and upgraded side skirts, they may deficient into production in this form. Word has it the concept could be based upon the GTE-spec Le Mans racer that McLaren terminated lately which the Senna GTR will look a little bit milder.

Interior – 2020 McLaren Senna GTR

McLaren didn’t release photos of the GTR Concept’s interior, so all of it stays an enigma in the meantime, but it’s safe to state that the race-spec version will certainly have a much more race-oriented cockpit than the regular Senna. Not that the Senna isn’t currently a no-nonsense supercar inside the cabin, yet McLaren will most likely make a few changes.

While the rotating instrument cluster might stay in place (although only in its slim position), the upright infotainment display will possibly vanish to make way for a race-spec facility pile with buttons and switches. The steering wheel will certainly additionally be changed with a controller-type unit with new controls on the side spokes.

Heck, McLaren may also opt to delete the traveler seat because it won’t be compulsory for the Senna-specific occasions it will certainly create for its customers.


When it released the concept at the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren also launched some bits of info concerning the drivetrain. Much like the road-going car, the GTR will certainly attract juice from the twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V-8 engine.

That’s an additional 25 horsepower contrasted to the common Senna, however the GTR can obtain a little bit more than that. Torque is most likely to stay unchanged at 590 pound-feet though.

But will the GTR be quicker in a straight line? Well, the additional 25-to-30 equines may not suffice to slash a tenth-second off the Senna’s already remarkable 2.7-second criteria, however it does not actually matter.

McLaren’s objective with the GTR is to score quicker lap times, and this where aerodynamics and downforce issue greater than horse power. On the other hand, top speed could go down from the Senna’s 211-mph ranking to a little listed below 210 mph.

McLaren states that the enormous downforce and the glossy tires, combined with the race-spec transmission and changed dual wishbone suspension will allow the Senna GTR to publish the quickest lap times of any kind of McLaren, except for the firm’s Formula One cars. Now that’s something to get excited regarding!


McLaren did not release valuing details for the Senna GTR since this writing, yet we do know that manufacturing will be covered to 75 systems. That’s a considerable decline contrasted to the regular Senna’s manufacturing of 500 examples, however not a surprising action from McLaren. GTR-badged supercars are normally unique.

Not just is it limited to only a few units, yet the Senna GTR isn’t for everybody. Just devoted clients, likely those that already have a Senna, will certainly have accessibility to the track-only supercar.

So how much will it set you back? Well, given that the Senna retails from ₤ 750,000 including tax obligations in the United Kingdom, the track-prepped, limited-edition supercar can bring well over of ₤ 1 million. That’s a great deal of cash, but it will set you back less than its predecessor, the McLaren P1 GTR, which was valued at practically ₤ 2 million. U.S. prices ought to jump over the $1.3 million. However worry not, all 75 units are already marketed.

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