2019 Honda Fit

2019 Honda Fit Turbo Rumors

Honda freshened the little Fit a few months ago and it appears like they are aiming to alter even more features of the car. Unlike several various other cars in this class, the Fit manages to provide a really capable platform and a good set of engines. The car not just feels flashy, however it is additionally relatively quick for the price and for its size. Sadly though it is still missing out on plenty of functions which ideally will be added in the upcoming versions. Thus far it resembles a significant update might be currently on its way. While the manufacturer really did not state much so far, this update need to hit the market with the upcoming 2019 Honda Fit.

2019 Honda Fit Review

It looks like this time around the update will be more than simply a mild refresh. This ought to be an entirely new car which will certainly boast quite a few new functions. The end result should be a more economical and a lot more fun to drive car compared to ever.


The current car is based on the very same platform as the City. However, it looks like things might change with the upcoming 2019 Honda Fit. This might showcase a new modular framework originated from that of the Civic. This platform would certainly showcase a reduced center of mass and it would certainly be primarily constructed from high strength steel. The end result would be less weight, much better structural rigidness and far better NVH degrees.

2019 Honda Fit

With the brand-new platform the car could likewise feature a different running equipment with a feasible independent rear end. The latter would absolutely boost the means the car drives without any genuine downsides besides its price. The wheelbase could also enhance with the brand-new car while the track size should transform as well.


One of the huge troubles we have with the current model has to be its interior. Even though the car really feels fantastic, the controls are not the simplest to use. We hope this will transform with the 2019 Honda Fit. If the rumors are anything to pass after that the car ought to ultimately do away with the dreadful touch-based climate controls. In their location we ought to see a new collection of physical switches which may not look as excellent yet they will certainly provide the driver a lot easier time when using them. The infotainment system is additionally most likely going to transform. It resembles Honda will update it to their newest version. The car’s design will certainly also change somewhat.

2019 Honda Fit

From the provides we could see Honda is looking to obtain the new Fit better to the Civic when it comes to the total look. The 2019 Honda Fit will obtain a new collection of swept-back headlights, a larger grille compared to before in addition to more hostile bumper consumptions. The car will additionally have even more aggressive body creases while in the back we might even see a center exhaust on some variations.

Engine and Specs

The base version of the 2019 Honda Fit is more than likely mosting likely to come equipped with the exact same 1.5 liter normally aspirated mill as in the past. With around 130 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque this will offer just enough efficiency to earn a lot of its buyers happy. Nonetheless, for those looking for even more it appears like Honda will certainly release a second engine option.

This should be their all brand-new 1.0 litre turbo-three system which is understood to earn anything in between 110 and 130 horse power and as much as 140 lb-ft of torque. While it will certainly still be similar to the larger engine, it ought to give far better gas effectiveness as well as a more unwinded driving experience thanks to the additional torque. An automatic is additionally an opportunity. Nonetheless, Honda really did not really state much regarding it and it appears like they will just introduce it closer to the car’s release date.

2019 Honda Fit

Release date and Price

Even though Honda really did not say anything concerning the upcoming Fit, a Japanese magazine did release a couple of makes for the car. From these we could clearly see Honda’s intent and even though the renders are not main, they have been provided by an inside resource. The car is likely mosting likely to hit the marketplace time in the early 2019 and its price shouldn’t be all that various from the existing version.

2018 Honda Fit Sport Trim – Alll you want to know

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